Glam It Up!

Metallics are HOT this season. We saw the fashions strutting down the S/S2014 runway, and decided we’d take it one step further with some sexy makeup ideas.


This golden look covers the upper lid and just barely creases the bottom. You can even make out a hint of smokey eye on the bottom lid. Bonus: it’s extra-gorgeous with a dusting of gold dust sweeping the lashes.



This metallic eye gets extra points for the green liner at the waterline that flares out slightly to form a small wing. That bold touch adds a lot of flair! What do you think would work best here? Pencil liner or gel?


A metallic look is great on its own, but add a bold false eyelash and we’re in heaven. There’s something so dramatic about this ethereal look. That dash of sparkle helps too! There’s always room for glitter!


 What more can be said about this gilded look? It has everything! Bold liner, bolder lashes, and, of course, GOLD! So, what do you think? Are metallics for you?




Get Organized!

After you’ve updated your summer makeup must-haves, you have to have a place to put all your beauty booty. Look no further than Shany Cosmetics’ line of makeup cases. No matter how big or small your beauty arsenal, there is a case for you. Today, we are featuring these cases in summery yellow shades, but you will definitely find one in your favorite color.


Nail Matters Nail Organizer Train Case.jpg


Shany’s Color Matters Nail Organizer and Makeup Train Case in Dessert Lime is the perfect place to organize all those amazing polishes and nail accessories. You’ll be ready for a DIY mani/pedi at a moment’s notice.


Mini Makeup Train Case.jpg

This Mini Makeup Train Case with Mirror in Optimism can store a variety of blushes, brushes, glosses and nail art accessories. We like the mirror for touch-ups on the go and the multiple trays to indulge our need for “a place for everything, and everything in its place”.


Modern Pro Slim Train Case.jpg


If beauty products are your tools of the trade, you’ll love Shany’s Modern Pro Slim Train Case in Chamomile Yellow.  This case does double duty: it’s utilitarian and stylish! The wide lower compartment is great for storing larger products like brushes, flat irons, curling irons and even blow dryers. The exterior is made of soft leather match with high quality aluminum trim.

Premier Fantasy Train Case.jpg


Shany’s Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case in NY Taxi makes us fantasize about all the beauty products and makeup that could go inside! This case is part of the Diamond Collection, which means it comes with a free brush holder and silky smooth shoulder strap. And the interior of all Shany makeup cases are covered with a layer of protective film, which protect against dust and powder makeup spills.

REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case.jpg


For makeup artists on the go, Shany’s REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case in Blonde is the perfect choice for organization. This model not only features large drawers and compartments, but it also has an adjustable, rotatable mirror. This is a makeup artist’s dream!

So now you have no excuse to not be organized AND stylish!

The Eyes Have It!


A sexy, smokey eye look? Yes, please! This one takes it a step further with a bold lower wing. Too much or just right?  


Eyeliner can be such a HOT look by itself, but pair a sparkly blue wing with a bronze shadow and you’re bound to SHINE! You’re bold. You’re beautiful. You’re a firework!  


Gasp! This sultry look rocks a thick liner with a gold center sparkle on the upper lid. The lower lid gets involved with a dusting of the same gold shadow. A darker pinkish purple color sweeping towards the brow bone creates a strong cut crease effect.



Or maybe you want a lighter look for everyday wear. This demure look uses a contrast of light and dark shadow with a slight wing to create an ethereal effect. Are any of these looks for YOU?



Happy Bastille Day!

Feeling a little French today? You can channel some serious French style with these fun French and Reverse French manicures.


This twist on the French manicure evokes the colors of the French flag, but also embraces the hot pointed tips trend.


This matte navy blue and gold Reverse French manicure is glamorous and edgy at the same time. The matte is so rock and roll, but the gold gives it sophistication and elegance.



Everyone loves a little bit of sparkle! This glittering French manicure reminds us of fireworks exploding from the Eiffel Tower.



Show some love for France this Bastille Day with shiny red tips and adorable hearts. Vive la France!

Bring Your Best Look Anywhere With SHANY’s REBEL Pro Makeup Case

Your days of hasty on-the-go touch ups are over! Introducing the REBEL Pro Makeup Artists Lighted Rolling Case, a must for anyone who seriously aspires to be a great Makeup Artist! Now you can bring your entire makeup collection anywhere you go!

The REBEL Pro comes stocked with so many features, we can’t even list them all here! With a lighted mirror, five electrical outlets, and a cooling fan, it’s a fully equipped style station! And, of course, there’s room for every brush, palette, and appliance you could ever hope to own!

The REBEL Pro packs into a compact suitcase of durable aluminum that can take anything your on-the-go lifestyle throws at it. That means no matter where you are, you won’t have to compromise on your look!

A sleek black look isn’t your style? Not to worry! The REBEL Pro also comes in gorgeous pink!

Get your own REBEL Pro Makeup Artists Lighted Rolling Case and look your best wherever you go!


Get Cute, Get Contoured, Get Kabuki!

Kabuki makeup brushes are irresistibly cute and compact. While these brushes are just 2 inches high and 2 ½ inches in diameter, they pack quite the punch. We love them for their subtle dome shapes and super soft bristles. Makeup artists love them because they take gorgeous makeup looks to the next level by creating flawless finishes that are runway-worthy.

The SHANY Cosmetics Pro Kabuki 5PC Brush Set is perfect for sheer, long-lasting coverage. Each brush is made from a blend of natural and synthetic materials that can be easily cleaned. Take our powder brush, rounded foundation brush, bronzer brush, medium powder brush and slanted brush with you anywhere. Keep calm and contour on!

Blend, highlight and contour to your heart’s content with cute kabuki brushes. The following tips will help you create stunning looks that are sure to turn heads this summer:

  • Sculpt your cheeks by brushing from cheekbones to laugh lines in an upward movement.
  • If you contour below the cheekbone, be sure to highlight the area directly above to brighten your look.
  • Highlight the nose by creating shade on either side and just below the cheekbones.
  • Always apply blush upward towards the temples.
  • Soften your look by applying bronzer to your jawbone and the outer corners of your forehead. 
  • Don’t be afraid to glow!

As always, we encourage our lovely fans to share their makeup tips and looks with us on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. We love to see what you create using SHANY Cosmetics. If you have haul videos that review our products, we want to hear from you! 

Follow. Love. Create.


SHANY Cosmetics

Never Be Without a Brush with SHANY’s Triple Bamboo Pro Brush Set

Can’t ever find just the right brush for your needs in your collection? It’s time to upgrade to the Triple Bamboo Pro 18-Piece Vegan Brush Set. With this all-purpose, always convenient brush set, every brush you need will always be at hand whenever you need them.  

The eighteen brushes in this set were made without harm to animals and feature a gorgeous two-toned brush color scheme and elegant wooden handles.

This set’s got all your makeup needs covered—foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip, brow, you name it. It also comes with in-depth instructions for each brush, so you’ll have all the info you need to unleash your inner artist.

This set’s got all your makeup needs covered—foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip, brow, you name it. It also comes with in-depth instructions for each brush, so you’ll have all the info you need to unleash your inner artist.

Plus, keep all your brushes in the same place with this stylish leather apron. It holds up to 40 brushes, and its adjustable strap ensures that your makeup is never far away when you need it.

Get your own Triple Bamboo Pro Brush Set and never go without a good brush again!


Show Your Pride!

June is LGBT Pride month, so what better time to wear those hot rainbow looks? Show your support while looking super-gorgeous! Well what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!




We love this shimmering rainbow eye that makes use of the entire area. This rainbow effect begins with red shadow sweeping the brow bone and ends with violet under the lower lid. Gorgeous!   


Try a matte rainbow look with just a touch of green. A coral lip stays up-to-date with current beauty trends and really makes this look sizzle!



Maybe you aren’t feeling the full rainbow effect for your eyes.

Truth. We’re sort of obsessed with this stunning jewel-toned look paired with this color pop of a French manicure. Are you?



However you decide to “dress” your eyes, our 96-color Pro Makeup palette has all the vivid hues of the rainbow (and then some) just ready for that taking! What do you think? Are rainbow looks for you?

Pastel Peepers

Pastel eyeshadow has proven to be a popular choice during the spring 2014 season and it looks as though this trend is set to continue through the summer! We love the versatility of pastels and their innate ability to look feminine yet retain a certain edginess at the same time. Here are some beautiful looks we love:




Rachel McAdams’ choice of color is spot on here. The lilac shade she’s picked is the best possible complement to her green eyes. A higher pigmentation gives the shadow a boost and makes this look really stand out!



Nicole Richie adds some shimmer to her pastel blue look and we approve! That little hint of sparkle makes this style perfect for nighttime. We also love the way the color pops against her caramel complexion.




Emma Watson is looking wonderfully girly with mint green eyeshadow paired with classic pink cheeks and lips. The shadow really stands out thanks to her MUA sweeping it all the way to her brow line. This technique really amps up the edginess on this otherwise traditional look!



SHANY Cosmetics’ iLookBook Pro has plenty of pastel eyeshadow colors for you to play with… and then some! Carry all of your favorite eye and cheek colors with you in a convenient, sleek case. It’s a must for professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike.



Have you checked out the LUNA brush set? These double-sided brushes (including 4 for eyeshadow) give you twice as many options. Aside from their excellent performance, their rainbow design is super fun!


Blushing Beauty

Although blush and foundation are often the least noticed part of a makeup look, they are really essential to the overall effect. It’s amazing what you can do with even the subtlest foundation and blush application. Here are some beautiful looks you can create with the SHANY Mini Masterpiece.

Selena Gomez is seen rocking the dewy look here. This sweet and sexy look will give you a natural, glowing essence. 


Rihanna looks gorgeous with a peach tone blush here. The shade is perfect for her caramel skin tone and complements the rest of her makeup beautifully!


Paler skin tones tend to be the perfect canvas for a rosy pink blush. This look is almost angelic mixed with a sheer lip color and violet eyeshadow.


To create all of these looks and more, try our Mini Masterpiece 6-Layer Palette