The Swingin’ 60s

Fall will be here before we know it, and that means we need to update our fall makeup looks. On many of the runways for fall 2014 were makeup looks taken right out of the 1960s. Just think of the far out looks of Twiggy, Marianne Faithful and Jane Birkin.



The 60s were all about really making the eyes pop. This was done by creating giant, baby doll lashes and winged or flicked eyeliner. But we don’t want to look too retro. Fall 2014 gives a nod to 60s mod with a 21st century modern twist.


60s makeup gucci fall 2014.jpg



To make the eyes the main focus, you will need to go heavy on the eyeliner. A black liquid liner will give you a classic 60s look. To make it modern, choose a bright, bold color like cobalt blue or pink, or even a metallic shade.



Image Credit: Imaxtree

Make sure you add a little flick at the end of your eyeliner line to emulate the those 60s fashion icons. Or you can go super dramatic with a strong cat eye.

rag and bone fall 2014 eye look.jpg

On the Gucci runway, makeup artists made the models’ top and bottom lashes stand out with false eyelashes. You can recreate this look yourself by using a glossy mascara that doesn’t flake or crumble.


gucci eye makeup 2014.jpg


When you’re finished perfecting your groovy 60s makeup look, make sure to store all your essentials in a Shany makeup case. We love the Mini Makeup Train Case in Golden House. It’s just the right size for eyeliner pencils, mascaras, eyelash curlers - everything you need to get this look!

mini makeup case golden house.jpg


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Some HOT Eyeshadow Ideas for YOU

Summer is winding down, and, for some of you, that means school starts again. Don’t let that keep you from workin’ your SHANY looks anyway you want. True, this look is pretty bold, so maybe you’d rather save it for the weekend. We just love the all-over hot pink!

What about a more muted look? This one is gorgeous in green, but it’s subtle enough for school/office wear. What do you think would be the best eye color for this blended eyeshadow?

Maybe you’d rather go with a bolder blended look. This pink and gold one looks fun! But you could blend any colors you like. Just imagine all the possibilities!

You can style your looks any way you want and carry them with you. With the on-the-go studio makeup case, you have an instant makeup station wherever you are! The case is available in a classic white and a bright blue, but we just love the cheetah print!

Nail Art: Always In Season

We love some good nail art! Want to spice things up? Why not try this super-cute cherry blossom look? This delicate look uses nail brushes and dotting tools to create a result sure to brighten up your day! The super-talented Nicole at Nail Polish Wars created it for all of us to enjoy. Check out her blog entry about it!


Looking for a more surprising twist? With ethereal touches like dashes of glitter and tiny pearls, this look takes nail art to the next level. Is it for you?


We believe there’s always time for candy and manicures—in that order! For something different, check out this scrumptious swirled look. Sweet and sassy!


Our friend Nicole leaves us with one final look! With vertical stripes of color, this one makes a definite statement.  


Orange Is the New Black…Er, Red

One of the hottest makeup trends right now is the orange lip. Maybe you’re asking yourself: “can I pull this off?” YES! Not many of us can rock tangerine, true, but there are so many different shades out there. We love to look at celebrities to see how they’re wearing this trend.


With neutral eyeshadow and a peach tone blush, Emma Watson crafts the perfect look to pull off this pout. The muted eyeshadow and blush calls attention to her bold lips!  


Amber Stevens goes with all-over orange. With minimal shadow and blush, her lips take center stage in this sunset-inspired look.


Fan Bingbing lights things up with gorgeous mandarin orange lips in a matte texture. Those flirty lashes make her eyes pop, drawing even more attention to her lips. image

Most of us will finish our makeup with golden eyeshadows or other warm tones. We’ll finish our looks with  sexy black eyeliner. However, Kirsten Dunst does something great here when she pairs a demure orange lip with a cool shadow color.


If you aren’t feeling ready to take the orange lipstick plunge, why not try an orange gloss or that perfect shine? Still skeptical? Weigh your options with this our Modern Pro makeup case in perfect tangerine!


Nails Just Wanna Have Fun

Are you ready for some HOT nail looks?


Geometric nails are pretty big right now. This might be a love-it or hate-it type look… We’re diggin’ it, but what do you think about this trend?  


Summer is on its way out, but many of us are still dealing with sweltering days. Still, some us feel as if those dog days of summer will never leave! While the weather is steamy, try a look that mixes things up. After all, variety is the spice of life!


Maybe five different polish possibilities in one look is a bit much, but one polish color can get, well, a little boring. Why not experiment with your nails and create one cute design that really stands out! We love this vintage blue polish, but that glitter really makes it SHINE!


Sun? Check. Shades? Check. Hot Nails? Good to go! Let’s do this!

Last-Minute Vacation Looks

It’s almost time for many of us to go back to school, so let’s get in that last vacation (or maybe just a stay-cation)! These eye looks are sure to heat things up!


Purple and blue with a super-bold wing, this eye look promises to make you the life of the party! It incorporates false eyelashes for a one-two beauty punch. Trust us! This one’s a definite KO!


This just in! Pink and gold decided to meet up, and create this fabulous look. We just love the way the metallic shade blends it all together, and that eyeliner is HOT!


Brown-eyed beauties will rejoice with this green shadow look! Don’t let the color of your eyes dictate the color of your eyeshadow though. Just take a little bit of confidence, and mix it with that eyeshadow. You’ll totally own it!  


Perfect for the weekend, this look reminds us of sun, sand, and endless seas. Let’s plunge right into this one! It’s positively delightful! No matter how you wear your makeup…





Ready When You Are!

Looking for something cute and stylish to carry all your beauty booty? We’ve got a new line of mini locking train cases that will hold all your gear. With plenty of colors to choose from, we still adore the classic white!


Our nail organizers are just what you need for your beauty collection. In hot summer shades like Sugar Gum and Tropical Mango, this bold red case will still definitely lend some sizzle.

But maybe you have a need for some serious storage? Stylish and durable, the two-in-one case design of our rolling Rebel is ready when you are! There are plenty of colors to choose from, so make it your own! (We’re still feelin’ the white.)

All these cases! Now…what to put in them? Why, whatever you want, of course! But here’s a thought….

HOT Summer Looks

How are your summer beauty looks shaping up? We love all the color pop of the season—like this gorgeous orange-and-blue look that incorporates the waterline. Those warm citrus tones contrast beautifully with cool blue and gray shades.  


Well-blended eyeshadows are stunning, for sure, but give us a sexy stacked look and we’re in beauty heaven! This one uses a bold black liner and a silvery glitter shadow/liner for a look that really sizzles!


Work it, girl! This stacked look uses a sexy smokey liner and a bold wing; it’s nothing short of aqua-mazing! What can we say, at SHANY, we love bold, sexy makeup (and bad puns)!


We can blend shadows; we can stack eyeliners. Why not pair that sassy liner look with a contrasting shadow? Make it the best of both worlds! A pinkish shadow—or any lighter shade—can make that black liner really pop!


So…what are your beauty plans for the rest of the summer? Why not hop into your glamour lab and create your perfect look. Or take your beauty wherever you go with one of our rolling train cases. Just remember, whatever you do…



Nails, nails, nails!

No matter the season, nail looks are always hot and classic looks are always in style. But classic looks are well…classic, and sometimes that can be a little boring. So why not step it up? This classic white polish adds a twist and really POPS with that  black polka dot pattern.   

Want to liven up your classic nail looks even more? Why not try for something that takes the traditional and really makes it shine? This trendy design takes four nail looks, adds some nail art, and really makes our day with those finger rings. 

But maybe you need some color in your life. This look takes a classic French manicure, shakes well, and…COLOR POP!

You’ve got a couple ideas, but now you need the materials to make it happen. The Cosmopolitan nail set is perfect. You can work a classic look, or add a splash of color. With 24 vivid colors, this set is not going to let you down anytime soon.

Now you’ve got all this beauty bling, so what to store it in? Our hot line of nail polish cases, of course! With plenty of colors from classic white to bold purple, this case will be perfect. We leave you with one final word of advice.

Stay Gorgeous Anywhere with SHANY’s Soft Makeup Artist Rolling Case

Never leave home without your makeup again! With an extendable handle, two stylish and durable leather cases, and three complimentary mesh bags, our Soft Makeup Artist Rolling Case has everything you need to stay on-the-go gorgeous.

The removable top compartment features storage for small items and 13 makeup brush holders so you can keep all your quick-fix items in one easy-to-access place!

The bottom compartment contains six drawers, which can be removed to make room for items of any size, and four side pockets. If you need to store it, there’s room for it!

Get the style that most suits your look! The Soft Makeup Artist Rolling Case not only comes in a fun zebra print, but also vivid shades like summer orchid and mystic blue.

Best of all, the SHANY Soft Makeup Artist Rolling Case is fully washable and guaranteed to last, so get your own and never go without your makeup essentials again!